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At Soul Minded Integrative Health, our mission is simple - to optimize you.  We can maximize your vitality, confidence, and health by identifying the root causes that prevent it.  We guide the process to detoxify and limit exposures to environmental toxins, support mitochondrial energy production,  implement stress management and exercise techniques, and improve sleep, and diet.  We work with you and your medical team to provide you with the tools for ultimate success:  to optimize health, and vitality, and realize the best version of yourself.



The traditional medical model fails to see the patient as a whole functioning organism that is interconnected.  It is focused on relieving downstream symptoms through the utilization of pharmaceuticals.  At Soul Minded, we use a systems based approach to identify the underlying cause, we incorporate functional and integrative philosophies to rid the body of toxins, replenish critical nutrients and minerals and optimize hormone and energy pathways.  We implement a symptom specific diet, maximize sleep, master stress reduction techniques, and promote an improved sense of self-worth and confidence.


By utilizing the integrative and functional medicine philosophies, we go beyond the medical model to create an individualized plan that will allow you to reawaken your consciousness in health, confidence, vitality and energy for life.  We assess all the facets that affect your health by identifying predisposing factors, triggering or contributing events. 

With access to unique functional medicine laboratory work, we can identify and remove culprits which prevent health optimization.  We dive into your body's individual physiology and function and address any imbalances you may have.  We then custom tailor a plan that will modify personal lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress, and relaxation, exercise as well as nutrition. 

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We are living in an increasingly toxic world.  Overtime, the load becomes so heavy to the body, that it begins to malfunction.  We implement techniques to optimize energy production, remove toxic buildup, and prevent their reintroduction into the body, allowing you noticeable improvements in energy levels, cognitive and physiological functioning, and increased vitality.


Stress, poor sleep, and bad eating habits are just a few among the many factors that contribute to patterns which lead the body to malfunction and develop "dis-ease."  Health issues like autoimmune dysregulation, hormonal or thyroid disruption, gut disturbances, skin eruptions, headaches, or fatigue can all be improved.  We work with your body's specific body chemistry to identify and replenish missing key nutrients to bring the body back into alignment, improve cellular communication, and ultimately, to heal.

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