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NADINE began her healthcare journey as a personal trainer after obtaining her undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology.  Feeling a deeper calling toward healthcare, she became a Physician Assistant and still furthered her education through certification with the Institute of Functional Medicine. 

After practicing Emergency Medicine for nearly 10 years, Nadine became disillusioned by its limitations.  She realized that her traditional training, along with the barriers of insurance reimbursement, prevented her patients from experiencing true healing.  Their diseases continued to progress, as their life habits worsened.


When Nadine began her training in Functional Medicine, her calling towards healthcare finally aligned with her desire to transform people's lives.  Nadine decided to utilize her entrepreneurial spirit to found Soul Minded Integrative Health, an affordable, membership based practice embedded in the philosophy of Functional and Integrative Medicine.        

She works with her patients to identify root cause of illness through a systems based approach.  Utilizing standard and advanced specialty labs when necessary.  This personalized one-on-one relationship is highly specialized, and curated to the patient's individual needs. 


Nadine's passion, intuition, and listening skills allow her to work collaboratively with her patients, meet them where they are in their journey, and co-pilot their transformation in healing. 

She lectures widely to professional organizations, leadership teams, and athletes on topics of wellness, stress management, immune health, and mindfulness.  The personal mastery nurtured through Soul Minded living fosters professional development and team cohesion, helping to improve personal and team outcomes. 

Nadine is always seeking to learn from life's journey.  She strives to nurture compassion and love towards all things, and practices yoga, and meditation.  She is almost always found in the kitchen putting together healthy meals for her three children, husband, and loved ones who know to show up at dinnertime.  She and her family spend time in nature, camping, hiking, and of course - cooking.    

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