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FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE is a systems-biology based approach that seeks to identify and treat the root cause of disease.  It operates with the understanding that one cause can be responsible for several symptoms or conditions, or that one symptom can have many causes. 


Each individual person is the result of their nutritional, genetic, and epigenetic profile.    By thoughtfully and comprehensively evaluating the whole health history and timeline, and mapping out each individual's symptoms into specific groups, we are able to identify the underlying root process promoting illness or disease symptomatology.  

One condition can have many causes
One cause, can have many conditions
Functional medicine tree indicating that symptoms are the results of the way the tree grows - they are the leaves.   Clinical imbalances are the result of triggers and mediators like genetics, lifestyle choices, and mental and emotional health



THE INNATE INTELLIGENCE of the human body has yet to be fully realized.  However, when we optimize our body's adaptive needs at the cellular level, we are able to observe meaningful reversals in the drivers of disease process. 

There is a natural decline in function through the process of agin
g.  By understanding our genetic and epigenetic environment, and implementing early optimizing practices, we are more likely to minimize, or avoid disease processes - thus, improving our longevity, and health span.  

Through utilization of advanced laboratory testing, nutritional planning, exercise im
plementation, an in depth  medical assessment,  nutritional, exercise and  sleep assessment, educational resources, and unlimited virtual appointments and support, Soul Minded Integrative Health offers one of the most comprehensive approaches to health.  




CERTIFIED by the Institute of Functional Medicine, Nadine founded Soul Minded Integrative Health to make Functional Medicine more accessible to all.  Recognizing that the body aligns itself in health when given what it needs, Nadine works with patients to identify root causes and formulate personalized health and wellness plans.  Utilizing an in-depth historical medical assessment, along with comprehensive lab testing, a thoughtful evaluation, and a collaborative approach, patients begin their journey back to health.  


Whether your goal is increased energy, healthy digestion, weight loss, better habits, deeper sleep, improved skin, more vigor, improved confidence, a new attitude, less pain, or more gratitude.


Your journey awaits you.

Picture of Nadine Miles
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