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Receiving messages...

I deeply exhaled, as I rested my exhausted body on the uncomfortable park bench. The sounds of my children’s happy and cooperative laughter reassured me that I would have at least a brief period of respite there. My exhale was full of gratitude. The wind passed through the playground and tousled my hair. I opened my eyes to the sound of dried leaves scuffling about. I looked to my right, and saw several leaves twirling around midair in a small wind tunnel – dancing happily as the wind played with them. I smiled. This continued for several minutes and I reveled in the scene. I could not help but see the joy that the wind relished with these fifteen or so leaves, as though the wind herself came to the playground so she could play. Eventually, the wind tunnel made its way over to me, passing through me before dying away, leaving only one leaf in my lap – a gift to remember the precious event. That leaf spent many months taped to my kitchen cabinet, until one day, the universe sensed it was no longer needed. So she sent my dutiful child up the counter to swipe it down with his body, as he retrieved the cinnamon from the cabinet.

I believe the universe speaks to us in many ways. We often interpret these messages through a lens of negativity. The keys that are forgotten in the house. The glass that fell and broke. The head that bumped into the low-hanging ceiling lamp. There is always a lesson or a message hidden in these seemingly random occurrences. But these lessons require grace to decode.

Grace is a gift that we were given when the universe packed us up, and sent us here to travel our journey. She tucked it deep into the pocket of our soul, along with intuition, love, and kindness – which she hid in plain sight. Grace is the one that guides our way – it is the voice that tells us what we need to hear. The more we follow her directions, the louder and clearer she speaks to us, and the more we fall into alignment with what we need to become.

The universe is merciful, and shares her messages with us in beautiful, glorious ways – giving us something that we can smile about: a breeze against your skin as the sun rises, a ladybug landing on your arm, a leaf twirling playfully as it finds its way to the earth. The leaf swirling around me that afternoon in the park finally landed in my consciousness.

Don't be afraid to listen. To the messages the universe sends you... and, ultimately, to yourself.

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